Hard work will always be rewarded

Hard work will always be rewarded -Takahashi Minami

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AKB48 Oshimen part 5

—But it is sad to know that Takamina is not as appreciated as other top members when it comes to hardwork. I know I’m not the person who has the right to judge them because I don’t think I can work nearly as hard as half of their effort. But in the recent Sousenkyo (General Election), she is still nowhere in progressing and it is upsetting for both fans and herself, as she expressed out loud that she wishes to be higher than Kami 7 (top 7). Not to mention that as the Soukantoku and Captain, she has a lot of responsibilities like arranging the group’s formation, events and so on.
                          Takamina’s distress as the Soukantoku
—What’s worse is that fans expect too much from her. They thought that now that she is the leader of AKB, she is responsible for whatever that happens to other members. I mean, come on people, she has her own life for god’s sake. Just because she is the leader doesn’t mean she is completely involved in others’ private lives. She has her own problems to deal with too. I know that being in an idol group is very tough because you are competing with friends who you grow up with and judged through popularity and all, but personality and effort are as crucial as that too. What I think should be done is other members should try to be more careful about their own personal life and try not to be too dependent on other people to help them solve their problems.
"Sometimes I forget what’s my purpose in AKB," Takamina sadly confessed
"When something happened to members, I’m the member whom everyone accused of as I’m responsible for leading the group to the right direction…" she continued
—With all the problems and hardship she encounters almost everyday, I hope Takamina will be able to stay strong and patient, just like the person she has been for 9 years. It is speculated that she will graduate soon as she ages and I can’t deny that I’m dreading for the day she would make the announcement. But I’ll just repeat what Hacchan said, I will always admire and respect Takamina as well as continuing to support and follow her, no matter what.

Ganbatte kudasai, Takamina-san! Tottemo daisuki desu yo! (Best wishes to Takamina-san! I’ll always love you!)

To be continued in part 6 (final)

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AKB48 Oshimen part 4

in return, the girls protect and support her as well as showing their affection to her and display their views on her:
During one of their rehearsals, Takamina was sick and Yuu-chan scolded the other girls not to fool around just because she was feeling unwell. From the same video, Acchan helped Takamina with dance moves whenever she couldn’t join them.

                                   Helpful Yuu-chan and Acchan

—Acchan, and the usually shy Tomochin and Miyazawa Sae (Sae-chan) literally cornered and showered Takamina with kisses while she tried to escape from them (in a funny way of course) in a photo-shooting.

                  “Stop it!” Takamina’s face seems to say. (Awww)

After finishing a performance as well as Janken Taikai (Rock-paper-scissor tournament), Takamina’s legs lost their strength to keep standing and she was sent to the nurse bay where Shinoda Mariko (Mariko-sama) stayed by her side the whole time.

Mariko-sama stays with Takamina as she gets treated

Minegishi Minami (—Mii-chan) then decided to take up the almost impossible challenge 3 days before a live show (also the day she was supposed to perform the Rakugo) for her best friend’s sake.

                     Taking Takamina’s place who got hospitalized

Members like Acchan, Miichan, Kojiharu, Yuu-chan, Sasshi, Sae-chan, Tomo-chin, Tomo-mi, Mariko-sama  and Kashiwagi Yuki (Yukirin) commented her in such ways:

—Their producer, Akimoto Yasushi, said that AKB became what it is now because of Takahashi Minami, indicating that she is meant to be in this group. It is as if she is fated, and born to be a member, because she was born on April 8th, which has the number 48 and although she was bad at dancing at first and displayed huge nervousness during the first audition, they accepted her as if knowing she would lead them.
                                    Words of AKB’s creator

                                      Born to be a part of AKB

Seriously, how perfect can this woman be?! Yes, it’s true she can’t skip properly. Surely she’s not as cute nor famous as Acchan, funny and skilful like Yuu-chan, mature and tall as Mariko-sama. Yes, she doesn’t always stand in the Centre position or hold the position herself, only achieving not higher than fifth place in every General Election, she proves that her singing skill is impressive when she got her solo debut. She also appears in almost every single. Those are something that are not easily achieved and it made her dreams come true.

                                             LOL Takamina

                             Proves of Takamina’s singing abilities

To be continued in part 5…

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lezperv asked: hey, where did you get the sub for Takamina's wedding episode? I assume the part in your Oshimen Part 3 where Tomochin, Haruka, Chiyuu, and Takajo complimented Minami was during that episode. Thanks.

Oh for that episode, I subbed it myself and I haven’t uploaded it anywhere because I don’t know how to permanently put the subs into the vid

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AKB48 Oshimen part 3

—Here are some moments that prove Takamina’s self-sacrifice, protection and support for other members:
During their first episode in AKB 1じ59ふん! when the Bad Boys charged into the studio with a motorbike and literally chased the girls with it, she was the only one who carried Acchan’s life-size cutout (she was absent due to drama-filming) and even moved it in front of her body when the Bad Boys chased her, indicating that she would let the bike hit her first than the cutout that had the face of her best friend. 

                                 Takamina protecting ‘Acchan’

—And then in one of AKBingo Dokkiri episodes, Yuu-chan was an accomplice of the prank and pretended to break Sata’s precious guitar and put the blame on Takamina. Takamina’s response was she admitted she did it and even apologized for it.
                       Takamina sacrifices herself for Yuu-chan                                                  (notice how troubled Yuu-chan’s expression)
—Before being selected as a captain, she was already contributing a lot to the group. She always patrolled around during breaks to make sure everyone was okay and ready to the point she missed her own rest. In one of their rehearsals, she helped Sato Amina and Acchan in remembering dance steps.
                      “Is everyone okay?” Takamina’s thoughts

                                              “Like this…”

—Despite losing in the first round in a Janken Taikai, she went and congratulated her junior Uchida Mayumi by hugging her for winning the tournament.

                        Forget about her loss and focus on others

—As being shown in one of their documentaries, during in backstage Takamina is seen patting Akimoto Sayaka (Sayaka)’s head to calm her down, passing tissues to a crying member and then hugs a crying Sashihara Rino (Sasshi).

                         Mentally and physically supportive Takamina

—Itano Tomomi (Tomochin) and two of their juniors, Shimada Haruka (Hacchan) and Ichikawa Miori (Miorin) from 9th generation, confessed that whenever they have any performances and Takamina is away, she would send them mails that tell them to do their best and have fun even if they screw up.

                                Takamina’s words of encouragement

—Takajo Aki (Aki-cha) has the same route with Takamina so they always go home together and one time they stopped by to buy a drink (Aki-cha was thirsty) and Takamina went ahead to buy her own drink but when she returned she brought a drink that Aki-cha always drinks and praises her for her hard work.
                              Takamina, the Ikemen (Ideal guy)

—According to Kasai Tomomi (Tomo-mi), Takamina is always the one who bulk their spirits up. A perfect example is when they lost in 2010’s Record Awards, Takamina expressed she was frustrated they lost but cheered everyone up and encouraged them to do better so they could come back next year.

            The phrase ‘give up doesn’t exist in Takamina’s dictionary

—In one of AKBingo’s races, when Mayuyu cried because she lost and wished to prove everyone who underestimated her to be wrong, Takamina tried to comfort her by hugging her with a monkey suit, but then got pushed away because she was creepy.

          Poor Takamina attempts to cheer Mayuyu up but fails (lol)

To be continued in part 4

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AKB48 Oshimen part 2

—This is how amazing Takamina is. Despite her flaws of failing and used to be unchanging hairstyle (which only consisted of a ribbon and bun), she proves that she can still be one of the best of all. She is sensitive and emotional which make her more human.
                           Takamina without her ribbon trademark
—She is a constant victim of Dokkiri (pranks) in shows and gets insulted, mostly from Shoujiki Shogi (Honest Chess) by Watanabe Mayu (Mayuyu), and I believe she feels hurt sometimes, but she can still manage a smile or make a neutral expression (often added with overreaction) and even laugh for the sake of entertainment, which show how considerate and thoughtful she is. Now that’s what I call a good actress and idol.
                     Victim of a battle between Mayuyu and Sasshi

                                  One of Dokkiri moments

—Despite that, she is well-respected by the other members who compliment her for being kind, selfless and always looks out for other people before herself, thus they see her as the spirit of AKB or father of AKB. They even constantly advise her to make some time for herself and be a bit selfish, according to Oshima Mai (Maimai) and Acchan, who have graduated.
                          Acchan’s advice to her best friend
—She is very self-aware of her small posture (148 cm) and that is a height of a person that most people would find not to look up to or listen to. But Takamina proves that it doesn’t matter how small you are, as long as you have a big heart and spirit, you can conquer almost everything. She even created a famous phrase that impressed everyone: “Hard work will definitely be rewarded. I, Takahashi Minami, will use my life as proof.”. 

                                     Takamina’s famous line

—There are times when she would lecture other members whenever they lack of something or didn’t do anything good enough, but they are willing to follow her leadership because these lectures are not due to anger, but for the sake of their dreams and group.

                                          Takamina’s lectures

To be continued in part 3…

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AKB48 Oshimen part 1

                                 Takamina in ‘RIVER’ MV

Okay, let’s talk about Takahashi Minami, one of the most important members of the famous idol group, AKB48. I will be honest, I never thought I’d be a fan of an idol group, especially a girl group. Well, I guess it’s not surprising since the members are Japanese and they are super cute. But most importantly, their friendship is just marvelous and inspiring.

                                  Takamina in ‘Jane Doe’ MV

Thanks to shows like AKBingo and documentaries they reveal a lot more about most of the members; such as their interesting quirks, special abilities and funny reactions. From what I see, each member from the group has their own characteristics and skills. But if I have to choose an Oshimen, I will not be hesitant to choose the Queen of Suberi (Fail), Takamina.

                              One of Takamina’s failed moments

—Before the graduation of certain two important members, typically, fans or viewers will choose AKB48’s Ace, Maeda Atsuko (Acchan) as an Oshimen. It’s not surprising because I used to pick her too. But after a while I changed my mind. It’s not because I dislike her or anything (she’s my third Oshi). It’s just that she’s too perfect and fortunate. I mean, with her cute looks and skills, it’s not shocking to see that she’s always in the centre on stage, playing important roles in most MV’s and being hired as an actress for various films and dramas.
—Her non-stop improvement causes her to make a huge step away from the other members and I just don’t really like it because it could trigger a lot of jealousy and hate from other members’ fans. People also seem to favour her for not being herself (she IS cute and a good actress, I tell you), as she is quite different when it comes to private life because she is actually quite hard to mingle with (shown when she is revealed to rarely join huddles).
                   Cute Acchan who actually doesn’t mingle with others
—Another member who is seen as a rival of Acchan and also called the other ace of AKB, Oshima Yuko (Yuu-chan), I don’t know what’s her secret to always win the General Election’s first and second place (along with Acchan), but probably she has equal talents with Acchan and she is very funny in TV shows, and perhaps she has good leadership like Takamina (though I think Takamina is better). 
                                   Yuu-chan in ‘RIVER’ MV

—I believe I would’ve picked her as my fourth Oshi if only she’s not gay. It’s cute and all but I can’t help but regretfully listen to my homophobic instincts. I have no idea if it’s true or not, but because of her clinginess to Kojima Haruna (Kojiharu), rumors of her touching other members’ bodies and her old man character, the image itself is enough to disturb me. Don’t get me wrong, she’s an amazing singer, spokesperson and actress and I really respect her for that.                           Yuu-chan’s clinginess towards Kojiharu
—On the other hand, Takamina is often called the Queen of Suberi due to her constant failing jokes and puns, which sometimes provide a bit of laughter to viewers. In addition, she is also mistaken as a guy due to her over-protectiveness, according to Kojiharu and Acchan, and privacy; she doesn’t bathe with the others and takes a private shower, and when in the dressing room she is seen to feel uncomfortable and stares at other members.
                                  Takamina is a guy…?

—Not to mention that in her previous life, a psychic said she was an artist in the 14th century (which is the time when homosexuals are very common) and a palmist said the lines on her palm show that she is more interested in the same gender than opposite. But then it is revealed that she is more interested in things that are generally beautiful, so it doesn’t mean that she only likes girls, but also men.

                                         The ugly truth…?

—However, that doesn’t stop her from being a prominent member since she always gathers everyone for huddles, starts the opening for almost every song and provides mental support for her friends and juniors.

                               Takamina checking on other girls                          Takamina ordering everyone to get ready

—Her supportive nature causes people to see her as a leader of AKB48, and eventually she is selected as Team A’s captain and the highest rank, Soukantoku (General Manager). Holding those positions, she is obviously holding heavy burden while being a member so she is really strong.                   Announcement of Captain and Soukantoku position

—Also, she is not afraid to express her real emotions on TV shows. She doesn’t give up or hide her intentions, instead she continues to do what she thinks is the best for her dreams, fans and love for AKB48.

                                           Her leadership
                             Takamina expresses her feelings
To be continued in part 2…

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